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Macy Chadwick  06/06/2012
Based in Oakland, California, Macy Chadwick publishes artist’s books and limited-edition prints under the imprint In Cahoots Press. She is the recipient of the CBAA Emerging Educator Award 2012.

Map as Metaphor 1  07/06/2016
Panel 1: “The Socio-Political Map: Control and Power”
Moderator: Heidi Neilson, artist and co-founder of SP Weather Station.
Panelists: Neil Freeman, cartographer, artist, and urban planner
Shannon Mattern, media artist and Associate Professor of Media Studies at The New School
Lize Mogel, artist and co-editor of An Atlas of Radical Cartography

Map as Metaphor 2  07/13/2016
Panel 2: “The Eco-Techno Map: Data and Online Initiatives”
Moderator: Heidi Neilson, artist and co-founder of SP Weather Station
Panelists: Liz Barry, urban designer, co-founder & co-director of TreeKIT, and co-founder and director of Community Development at Public Laboratory for Open Technology and Science
Ingrid Burrington, artist-in-residence at Data and Society Research Institute and fellow at Autodesk/Pier 9’s Experimental Research Lab, Eric W. Sanderson, director of the Mannahatta Project, author, and Senior Conservation Ecologist, Wildlife Conservation Society, Natalie Campbell, independent curator and co-founder of SP Weather Station

Map as Metaphor 3  07/20/2016
Panel 3: “The Artist Map: Appropriation and Creation”
Moderator: Heidi Neilson, artist and co-founder of SP Weather Station.
Panelists: Doug Beube, mixed-media artist and independent curator
Martin C. Brückner, Associate Director of the Center of Material Culture Studies and Professor of English, University of Delaware, Dahlia Elsayed, artist and Assistant Professor of Humanities at CUNY LaGuardia Community College, Katarina Jerinic, mixed-media artist and public space-based interventionist

Mark Cockram  12/09/2015
Mark Cockram is a designer bookbinder based in London; Abby Schoolman guest hosts.

Marshall Weber  04/05/2017
Marshall Weber is an artist and curator.  In 2012, he co-curated the first "Diamond Leaves Triennial" exhibition at the Central Academy of Fine Arts Museum in Beijing with Chinese artist Xu Bing.

Mary Uthuppuru  05/14/2014
Mary Uthuppuru of Spring Leaf Press is Program Chair of the Guild of Bookworkers Midwest Chapter and the coordinator of Plainly Spoken, the 2013-14 GBW Midwest juried traveling exhibit inspired by Julia Miller's Books Will Speak Plain (The Legacy Press, 2010).

MC Hyland  11/13/2013
MC Hyland runs Doublecross Press. She is the editor of Poetics of the Handmade, a chapbook series where writers/bookmakers discuss micropress publishing.

Melissa Jay Craig and Meredith Winer  03/27/2013
Melissa Jay Craig is renowned for her handmade paper book works, sculptures and installations. She is also a curator, writer and award-winning educator. Meredith Winer, founder/director of TRANSIT, guest-hosts.

MenesesKremer  08/03/2016
Portable Editions was founded in 2014 by Juana Meneses + Leila A. Leder Kremer, in Miami, FL;  Carol Todaro guest hosts.

Michael Katchen / Franklin Furnace  10/02/2013
Michael Katchen is Senior Archivist at Franklin Furnace. Franklin Furnace was founded in 1976 to champion time-based visual art including artists' books and periodicals, performance art and installation art.

Michael Maranda  01/02/2013
Michael Maranda is a Toronto-based artist with an interest in artists' books. He is the proprietor of Parasitic Ventures Press, a baker at The Book Bakery and a member of ABC Artists' Books Cooperative.

Mirabelle Jones  02/05/2014
Mirabelle Jones is a Los Angeles-based performance artist, book artist and writer. She is currently self-publishing Jarring III to raise awareness and funds for rape crisis centers.

Moveable Type  11/09/2011
Moveable Type is Kyle Durrie, currently on the road with a fully functional letterpress printshop inside her 1982 Chevy step van.

Nancy Campbell  12/07/2011
Poet and printer Nancy Campbell studied English at Oxford and printing with Barbarian Press. Her newest artist's books respond to her residency at Upernavik Museum, Greenland.

Natalie Stopka  10/17/2012
Natalie Stopka binds books using uncommon fibers, repurposed hand dyed fabrics and vintage textiles. She was a 2011/12 Van Lier/Stein Scholar at the Center for Book Arts, NYC and a 2012 intern at the Textile Arts Center, Brooklyn.

Neale Albert  08/03/2011
Neale Albert collects miniature books and commissions miniature designer bindings. The Neale M. Albert Collection of Miniature Designer Bindings is on permanent exhibition at the Grolier Club in New York ( catalog pdf ); Laurence Fayard guest-hosts.

Nicholas Yeager  06/14/2017
Nicholas Yeager is a rare books librarian, historian of the book, scribe, motorcyclist, inventor of Zorbix and the travel researcher 'Motoscribendi'.

Or Books  07/04/2012
Or Books is the fiction and non-fiction publisher known for embracing progressive change in politics, culture and business. Co-founder Colin Robinson addresses the challenges facing contemporary publishing.

Panel: Rocio Cerón - Gavin Dovey - Lisa Mackie - Natalia Porter  06/22/2011
Laurence Fayard guest-hosts a panel discussion with Alexander Campo director, The Center for Book Arts;  Rocio Cerón poet and editor/publisher of El Billar de Lucrecia;  Gavin Dovey  bookbinder, Paper Dragon BooksLisa Mackie  printmaker;  Natalia Porter  designer/visual artist.

Patrick Kiley/Ben DuVall  02/15/2017
Patrick Kiley and Ben DuVall collaborate at Publication Studio in Troy, New York.

Paula Beardell Krieg  01/06/2016
Artist Paula Beardell Krieg makes works-on-paper and teaches book art near Albany, NY.  She publishes the popular Bookzoompa blog.

Paula Roush  01/30/2013
Born in Lisbon, artist Paula Roush currently lives in London. She organized an installation of 'ABCED' - a group project of ABC Artists' Book Cooperative, celebrating the 75th birthday of Ed Ruscha.

Peter Verheyen  04/13/2011
Peter Verheyen is a conservator and bookbinder. He created and maintains The Book Arts Web and is the founder and publisher of an e-journal, The Bonefolder.

Priya Pereira  05/23/2012
Mumbai-based artist Priya Pereira of Pixiebks recently visited New York; Cheryl Costello guest-hosts.

Reanimation Library  03/02/2011
The Reanimation Library is a small, independent library based in Brooklyn. It serves artists, writers and other cultural archeologists.

Reg Beatty and Nancy Jacobi  05/09/2012
Bookbinder and book artist Reg Beatty has maintained a studio in Toronto since 1992; he regularly writes and lectures about book culture. Nancy Jacobi guest-hosts.

Repositioning the Archive Panel 1  07/22/2015
Panel 1: “Understanding Archives and Recent Shifts”
This panel takes a historical and theoretical approach to discussing the history, theory and practice of archives as well as the way in which most people understand archives as material culture in relation to a lived history. Moderator: Marvin J. Taylor, New York University, Director & Curator, Fales Library. The panelists - Jonathan Berger, 80WSE Gallery, Director and Artist
Ann E. Butler, Bard College, Library & Archives, Center for Curatorial Studies, Director
Glenn E. Wharton, New York University, Clinical Associate Professor of Museum Studies.

Repositioning the Archive Panel 2  07/29/2015
Panel 2: “Innovative Practices of Presenting Archives to the Public”
This panel considers the ways in which archivists and curators are changing their presentation of archives as material culture to respond to new content and new users, including artists and the general public.  Moderator: Marvin J. Taylor, New York University, Director & Curator, Fales Library.
The panelists - Andrew Blackley, Felix Gonzalez-Torres Foundation, Archivist, and Artist
Ben Vershbow, New York Public Library, Director, NYPL Labs
Martha Wilson, Franklin Furnace Archive, Inc, Founding Director.

Repositioning the Archive Panel 3  08/05/2015
Panel 3: “Artists Activating the Archive”
This panel examines the ways in which creative writers, visual artists, and performers are using archives as a catalyst in their own work and re-contextualizing archives as artwork. This panel focuses on the evolving collaboration between archival professionals and artists and how this new work is changing archives and art. Moderator: Marvin J. Taylor, New York University, Director & Curator, Fales Library. The panelists - D. Graham Burnett, Performance artist and writer, New York
Donald Daedalus, Visual artist, New York and past Center for Book Arts Scholar
Emilio Chapela Perez, Visual Artist, Mexico City
Lytle Shaw, Poet and Professor of English, New York University
Matt Wolf, independent filmmaker, New York.

Rhonda Miller  07/06/2011
Rhonda Miller is the proprietor of My Handbound Books, an Etsy store and the publisher of My Handbound Books, a bookbinding blog.

Robbin Silverberg  11/25/2015
Robbin Ami Silverberg is an artist and founding director of Dobbin Mill, a hand-papermaking studio, and Dobbin Books, a collaborative artist book studio located in Greenpoint, Brooklyn. Guest host is Elizabeth Whalley.

Russet Lederman and Olga Yatskevich    11/14/2012
Matthew Carson, Russet Lederman and Olga Yatskevich organized 10x10 Japanese Photobooks, a pop-up reading room coinciding with the NY Art Book Fair. It was sponsored by the ICP Library and the Photobook Facebook Group.

Sam Ita  11/28/2012
Sam Ita is an author, artist, and paper-engineer. He invented the pop-up classic comic book and is the author of four pop-up/comic book adaptations - 20,000 Leagues under the Sea, Moby Dick, Frankenstein and The Odyssey.

Sarah Bryant  12/12/2012
Designer, printer and binder Sarah Bryant is the proprietor of Big Jump Press. She was the 2008-2011 Victor Hammer Fellow in the Book Arts at Wells College and the 2011 winner of the MCBA Artist's Book Prize.

Scott McCarney  02/01/2012
Artist and educator Scott McCarney lives, works and gardens in Rochester, New York.

Simon Goode  04/25/2012
Bookbinder, book artist and printmaker Simon Goode is in the process of founding the London Centre for Book Arts.

Small Editions  04/30/2014
Kimberly McClure and Corina Reynolds are founding partners of Small Editions, a studio and press based in Brooklyn.

Small Editions panel  02/01/2017
The Book, the Woman and the Body Politic - an artist talk and panel with Tatana Kellner and Juliana Cerqueira Leite, moderated by Corina Reynolds of Small Editions.  This event was part of the NY Art Book Fair 2016, at MoMA PS1.

Small Editions panel with Alexander Campos  07/23/2014
Perception Shift: Contemporary Artists Working with the Book Form is a panel discussion in which contemporary artists Noah Breuer, Sheryl Oppenheim and Anne Vieux speak about their artistic practice and how it has come to include the artist book.  The panel, moderated by Alexander Campos, Director and Curator at The Center for Book Arts, was organized by Small Editions.

SP Weather Station  05/11/2011
The SP Weather Station is a rooftop weather station in Long Island City, New York. Co-founded by artists Natalie Campbell and Heidi Neilson, SPWS organizes weather-related publications, exhibitions and events.

Steve Miller  09/05/2012
Steve Miller coordinates the Book Arts MFA Program at The University of Alabama in Tuscaloosa. He is the longtime host of the Book Artists and Poets podcast series.

Steve Miller  01/20/2016
Book artist Steve Miller of Red Hydra Press speaks about his current work in Cuba; Christopher Davenport guest hosts.

Strike Three Press  03/30/2011
Situated in Brooklyn, Strike Three Press publishes handbound illustrated letterpress books.

Sue Anderson/Gwen Harrison  03/22/2017
Sue Anderson and Gwen Harrison have worked collaboratively to create limited edition artists’ books for over ten years. Although many of their books focus on Australian historic sites and their stories, with a particular interest in institutionalization of certain groups of people, the works often reflect dramas that are universal.

Suzanne Rackover  05/15/2013
Suzanne Rackover is Art Librarian at the Banff Centre where she oversees the Paul D. Fleck Library and Archives collection of 4,200 artist’s books.

Tara Bryan  03/16/2011
Tara Bryan is a painter and book artist living in Flatrock, Newfoundland and Labrador, Canada. At the moment, she is fascinated by icebergs.

Tedorigawa Bookmakers  04/27/2011
George Stenson is the founder of  Tedorigawa Bookmakers, a bindery in Kanazawa, Japan. Over the last four years, his short Tedorigawa bookbinding audio dramas have gained an international following.

The Bonefolder e-journal  02/15/2012
The Bonefolder, an open-access online journal founded in 2004, ceased publication in January 2012. Founder and publisher Peter Verheyen and long-time editor Karen Hanmer comment. Miriam Schaer guest-hosts.

The Chinese Photobook/Ruben Lundgren  06/24/2015
The Chinese Photobook is a publication (Aperture 2015) and a traveling exhibition curated by Martin Parr and WassinkLundgren. Ruben Lundgren of WassinkLundgren comments.
The Dawson Collection  09/14/2011
The Dawson Collection is one of Canada's most significant collections of functional typographical material, including over 1500 drawers of metal and wood type. It is maintained by a dedicated group of volunteers - The Letterpress Gang.

The Japanese Paper Place  01/18/2012
Founder and CEO of The Japanese Paper Place, Nancy Jacobi mixes art with business, tradition with innovation and passion with purpose.

Toby Millman  06/04/2014
Toby Millman is a printmaker, photographer and sound collector. She is based in Hamtramck, an island city surrounded by Detroit.

Trevor Powers  04/20/2016
Trevor Powers works with photographs, artist books, collaboration, coincidence and curatorial projects in western Massachusetts.

Ugly Duckling Presse  04/16/2014
Ugly Duckling Presse publishes non-commercial literature and promotes emerging writers, international writers and forgotten writers. Anna Moschovakis and Linda Trimbath are members of the UDP Editorial Collective.

Velma Bolyard  03/13/2013
Teacher and artist Velma Bolyard works with fiber, paper, books and landscape; Aimee Lee guest-hosts.

Will Noel  07/18/2012
Will Noel is Curator of Rare Books and Manuscripts at the Walters Art Museum in Baltimore. He is also an Archimedes Palimpsest enthusiast, and he likes to make Creative Commons digital assets out of medieval manuscripts.

William Reuter and Andrew Steeves  11/27/2013
The Aliquando Press is celebrating its 45th anniversary and its 100th book. Andrew Steeves of Gaspereau Press speaks with William Reuter.

Women's Studio Workshop co-founders  03/19/2014
Ann Kalmbach and Tatana Kellner are two co-founders of Women's Studio Workshop in Rosendale, NY.  Ann is executive director; Tatana is artistic director.

Yishu Wang  01/11/2017
Yishu Wang is one of 11 Chinese contemporary book artists exhibiting at the 2017 CODEX Book Fair and Symposium.